Miss Kofoed 2009

Miss Koefoed has been principal of Newmarket School for 10 years.
Here is what we think of her.


by Georgia: Year 1.


The following defnitions have been written by our year 4 children.
1. Miss Kofoed has a generous nature because she gives up her time to listen to our ideas and problems. Jack

2. Miss Kofoed is a good leader because she makes good choices such as choosing Newmarket Primary School. Carson

3. Miss Kofoed shows respect for children, parents, teachers and others by listening and using her manners. Tania

4. Miss Kofoed brings happiness to the school with her fabulous gleaming smile. Harry

5. A great leader who shows strength and passion by knowing how to guide us in a fair way and that’s why we know she is fabulous. Jasmin

6. At this stage of her learning she is learning how to link her body with dancing – for more info check out the Madona morph on the Wikispace. Felix

7. In the future, children from Newmarket Primary School will remember her respectfully for her caring way with us. Josephine



Our year 5 & 6 children used wallwisher for their views on Miss Kofoed.
Here is what Room 10 children think of Miss Kofoed.

Here is what Room 11 children think of Miss Kofoed.