This page is for our wikifarm highlights.

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**Newmarket Wiki Farm**

**School Profile- Google**

**School Map**
Enviro wiki has been co-constructed with the children.

**Newmarket SOLO- Sustained**
Inteschool project
Solo wiki is co-constructed with the SOLO team

**Solo Describe-Audio**

**Rm 1**
Even 5 year olds have their space.
The importance of uploading their work.

**Rm 11- Video**
Speech finalist saved on youtube and embeded back into wikispace.

**Rm 10 Hyperlinking**

Rm10 ESOL video
Solo and ICT

Room 10 pivot

**Rm 9- Powerpoint**
Being able to upload microsoft applications.
Draws attention to the importance of self created images.

**Rm 8- Setting Goals**

**Rm 7- Student work**

**Rm 4- Home Page**
Teachers explaining what their wiki is for.

**Rm 4- 4** 4th** **wall**

**Rm 4- Blog**
Lock down like all our class wikis

**Rm 3-self Reflection**

**Rm 3- Using Paint**

**Calendar Art- Embedding Widgets**

Feedback on work using RSS feed
Wikispaces : newmarketrm11 - all messages

    **Monitoring Wikis**